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  • Brian and Erin were so patient and encouraging
    From the first phone call to the last e-mail, Brian and his Paralegal, Erin, promptly responded to and answered all of our questions, guiding us through both the legal and emotional aspects of our case. Even though our situation was repeatedly complicated, Brian and Erin were so patient and encouraging that we felt more like friends of the firm instead of paying clients. Not something I could say about other attorneys we've dealt with. It was a difficult situation and required some tough decisions that Brian was able to help us make through informed discussions. He was honest and forthcoming about both the pros and cons involved and is in my opinion, personally compassionate about what he does and about the future of his clients. We really feel like we've gotten the best outcome we could have under the circumstances and would definitely recommend his services and hire him again, if we ever had the need.

    - Previous Client

  • Brian helped my daughter out more than I ever expected!
    Brian is the Best!! His knowledge & experience made all the difference. Erin, his paralegal, is awesome as well! They are both very attentive & quick to answer emails & phone calls. Brian helped my daughter out more than I ever expected! I'd recommend them to anyone!! Thank you, Sir!

    - Previous Client

  • Intelligent, dedicated, and wise.
    Brian Hansford has represented several of my immediate family members over the past five years, multiple times. He is intelligent, dedicated, and wise. Brian has always been very thorough and fully committed to bringing about the best outcome possible in each of these cases. So much so that I don't even consider another criminal defense attorney for my family's needs. He explains your options very carefully and gives you his assessment of how each scenario is likely to play out. Brian is also a judge for a local municipality which gives him another perspective when considering strategies for a case. His legal assistant Erin is absolutely top-notch and keeps communications flowing smoothly between all of the parties involved. She is truly a valuable asset to his operations and I cannot overemphasize her importance. I truly could not be more pleased with both Brian and Erin. I enthusiastically give Brian an A+ for his efforts and for his solid results. Brian is not a discount-priced attorney, but he is also not unreasonable with his rates. I am happy to pay him because I know what I am getting. This attorney is a solid choice! I thank him for all he has done for my family!

    - Jason

  • They were on top of my case from day one.
    Brian and team were reassuring and certainly prepared to take my case! They were on top of my case from day one and followed through when some court-related documentation were not processed correctly. I would like to especially thank his paralegal Erin who was instrumental in keeping me informed and updating Brian when needed. Brian is honest and has years of experience with the Georgia court system. When I started this process he was just a name on a list at the end of this journey he will always be someone that I will always trust and provide a reference when needed.

    - Previous Client

  • Very compassionate, diligent, and experienced.
    Mr. Hanford and firm are the best people and attorneys as far as my family is concerned. Very compassionate, diligent, and experienced. Would use Mr. Hanford again and highly recommend them. However I hope my family will never need their services in the future.

    - Gerrie and Julian T.

  • Brian was amazing to work with.
    We were not prepared for the legal situation we found ourselves in with our daughter and wasn't really sure if we needed an attorney or not. But after a consultation with Brian, we knew we needed help. Brian was amazing to work with. He listened, answered all of our questions, phone calls, and emails with grace and always right away. He and Erin, his legal assistant, made a terrible situation, not so terrible. We knew we had someone on our side who was looking out for our child in a way no one else would. Brian is well connected in the legal community here in the Forsyth County and was able to offer insight as to how juvenile court operates that we would never have known. He kept in close contact in regards to our case and made sure we knew what to expect every step of the way. And I'm thrilled to report, got us to the best legal outcome we could have hoped for for our daughter. But Brian often spoke to us parent to parent...offering not just legal advice, but options and ideas for our child's future. He even called us a week after our court appearance to check on us and the whole family and to see how everyone was doing and if there was anything we needed help with. We are so grateful for his legal ability as well as his compassion and grace during what has been a very challenging time for our family. If you or your child is in need of help, do reach out to Brian. You will be so thankful that you did.

    - Previous Client

  • They even got back to me on weekends.
    Brian and Erin are amazing! They are caring and always there for you. I bombarded them with questions and they had an answer for me every time. Even got back to me on weekends, which I never expected. If I have another need I will use them and their office again.

    - Previous Client

  • An amazing and knowledgeable attorney.
    Brian has helped me and my family with several cases. Not only is he an amazing and knowledgeable attorney, he also truly cares about his clients. I can't thank Brian enough and, if the need arises, I would not hesitate to call on him again.

    - Cindy

  • If ratings could go to a 10, He would be an 11.

    Brian Hansford will go above and beyond like no other in any matter regarding navigation of the Legal system. He is relentless in his pursuit to help on any level. NO OTHER ATTORNEY can accomplish what Brian can do when it comes to being a professional and a positive influence in the courtroom. I have personally witnessed the respect that everyone gives him when he walks into court. Judges, Clerks, DA's, other Attorneys respect him like no other because he is a man of Character and Integrity, and trust this message when you read it, it matters! If you are on AVVO searching for legal help, stop reading ratings and call and hire Brian right now. If ratings could go to a 10, He would be an 11.

    - Side note, his assistant Erin is a "one of a kind" herself. You will always get a prompt response and she as well has the utmost respect by any and all officials that you may encounter. First Class all the way around and you always feel better after talking to her.

    10 Stars for Brian and Erin- back afloat.

    - Previous Client

  • They provided good, solid advice to my family.
    I cannot say enough about the service that Brian and his team member Erin provided. He was recommended to us by a friend who had hired him for their son. They provided good, solid advice to my family when my son received a fairly severe driving citation. The punishment that the state was suggesting was pretty brutal for the offense. We told Brian what we would like for the outcome to be and he worked hard to negotiate with the state to get the best possible outcome for us while still giving our son adequate punishment to hopefully make sure a lesson was learned. Brian was very professional from our first consultation all the way through to the sentencing. Erin was very good about keeping us informed and responded promptly to email anytime we had a question. Would not hesitate using his services in the future. Hopefully that won't be necessary.

    - Dan

  • Excellent, caring representation and a good result.

    I met Brian Hansford shortly after having been arrested based on a personal recommendation from a friend. From the first moment, Brian did everything he could to assist -- both with Legal advice and practical issues such as helping find arrangements for my family to provide bail.

    The legal representation during my felony case was excellent. The fees were straight-forward and as expected. Brian worked hard both in and out of the courtroom (such as working hard to win over prosecutors) and we received a favorable plea deal. Within a few months, I was able to start putting my life back together. In the years since (including just a few weeks ago), I have voluntarily gone back to court twice to clear related issues. Both times I retained Brian and am pleased with the results.

    I also retained Brian's firm for a civil matter a few years ago. Again, excellent, caring representation and a good result.

    - Previous Client

  • Outstanding and efficient job.
    Brian and his staff did an outstanding and efficient job in negotiating a fair outcome to my legal issues. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone seeking competent representation in legal matters.

    - James

  • My case was concluded favorably.
    I hired Brian Hansford for a DUI case. He and his paralegal Erin both worked very hard on my case and stayed in constant communication with me. Brian is really good in the courtroom and my case was concluded favorably. I highly recommend Brian Hansford.

    - Jason

  • I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to Brian.

    Brian Hansford is an extraordinary criminal defense attorney. He represented me in the most professional manner. He was respectful and considerate of my feelings during a difficult situation. Brian addressed my concerns, explained everything to me, and provided the appropriate legal direction. Brian was available to me 24/7 and responded to my text messages immediately. He put my mind at ease with his calm demeanor and knowledge of the judicial system. I completely trusted Brian, and he got my charges reduced. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to Brian.

    Also, I would like to comment on Brian's assistant, Erin Bell. Erin always answered my calls and responded to my emails immediately and explained what was going on with my case. I am extremely thankful for all her support and compassion towards me.

    I highly recommend Brian to anyone that is seeking the BEST criminal defense attorney. He is honest and will keep your best interest at the forefront.

    - Lynette

  • We were able to get my charges dropped.
    Brian was clear and concise with me and set my expectations appropriately. I switched to Brian from a Cobb County based lawyer after realizing that his comfort with the Forsyth prosecutors and judicial team was essential to a successful defense strategy. Under his team's guidance, we were able to get my charges dropped--which exceeded my expectations.

    - Shawn

  • He mapped out a plan and got it done.
    I was faced with an unexpected situation with my teenager and felt helpless and completely out of my depth. Brian was fantastic at putting my mind at ease, talking me through what needed to be done to reach the desired end result. He mapped out a plan and got it done. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

    - Previous Client

  • I always felt like I knew exactly where my case stood.
    I sought Brian's help for a DUI charge. Even though I was a first offender with no prior arrests, I faced some serious charges due to the circumstances of my offense. Brian counseled me on the steps to take before my court appearance in order to make my case as strong as possible. He was also able to get my most serious charge dismissed, which enabled me to obtain a limited driving permit for work, child's transportation to school, etc. Brian's office also provided information that allowed me to complete much of my sentence before my plea, including DUI school, substance abuse assessment, and all of my community service. The sentence resulting from my plea agreement was the best I could have hoped for, given the circumstances. Brian and his assistant Erin Bell kept me updated throughout the progress of my case and responded quickly to all of my questions. I always felt like I knew exactly where my case stood, and what to expect next. Since my arrest, I have spoken with others charged with DUI who have been amazed by the assistance I received from my attorney. Many told me that they had trouble contacting their attorneys, or scheduling appointments, and some received harsher sentences. I feel extremely fortunate to have had Brian and Erin on my side throughout this process. Brian's services may be more expensive than that of some others, but he is definitely worth it. I greatly appreciate his help during this difficult time.

    - Previous Client

  • Kept us informed every step of the way.
    I was frantic trying to find an attorney, and me being out of state, it was proving to be difficult for the situation at hand. I reached out to the firm on a Sunday evening and received a response that night, as well as a follow-up the next day to confirm the details of the case. By the end of the week, and after speaking to multiple firms, I chose Mr. Hansford. Mr. Hansford, and his assistant Ms. Bell, were beyond helpful in our situation. They were very accessible and returned emails/calls ASAP. They kept us informed every step of the way and answered all questions in a thoughtful, and timely, manner. I highly recommend this firm for your legal issues. Best part is, we avoided even having to make a trip to GA thanks to Mr. Hansford and Ms. Bell.

    - Brandy

  • Brian and his team helped calmed my nerves.
    I came to Brian with a case that had me fearful and scared. Brian and his team helped calmed my nerves and told me what I should and should not be concerned with. He guided me through the matter and helped me manage my fears throughout the duration of the process. I would gladly recommend him to friends and family.

    - Previous Client

  • I enjoyed working with him and Erin
    Brian and Erin were great from the outset. I initiated with them on a Sunday, got a call the same day and was in the office to chat the next day. Based on my discussion with Brian I hired him to represent me in a case involving multiple charges stemming from an incident on the road. Brian navigated me through the legal process making sure I was aware of my options. I enjoyed working with him and Erin to the end of my case.

    - Justin

  • He will fight to make sure you are given a fair shake

    My son, who is now 16 years old, faced some serious charges. We expected the worst. This case involved felony charges, and the prosecutor was being tough. She did not want to work with us to settle, but Brian and his team worked a miracle in our favor. Brian is persistent, strategic, and resourceful. He thinks outside of the box on how to resolve difficult issues. We were impressed with his diligence. Brian is always calm under pressure. He did not waiver or give up or settle for less. He will fight to make sure you are given a fair shake. We were beyond pleased with the result. Brian and his team deserve all the credit for making sure my son will be able to go on with his life without these charges holding him back. I also have to mention Erin Bell, who was there every step of the way. She was a huge help to us on so many occasions. Erin was always patient when we were going through frustrations or roadblocks. I appreciate all Brian and Erin did for us. I highly recommend you give them a call!!

    - Frankie

  • Forever grateful to this attorney and would hire him again in a split second

    My case was a tough and stressful one that Mr. Hansford completely guided me through with the greatest of ease handling everything for me so I could focus on my everyday life instead of stressing nonstop. He had charges dropped for me and the one I did end up getting stuck with, he got me the bare minimum on. I am forever grateful to this attorney and would hire him again in a split second!!! He was amazing!!!

    - Jessica

  • Represented by the best legal team in the area

    Brian and his team did an excellent job advising and then representing us in court after our daughter was viciously beaten at a party. They were professional and courteous throughout the process. Brian and his fellow attorney Jennifer Ray took their time to make sure they had all of the facts before moving forward. Erin Bell, Brian's legal secretary did a great job keeping us informed as to the status of our case. I can honestly say that I feel my daughter was represented by the best legal team in the area. I recommend Brian's firm without reservation to anyone in need of his services.

    - Marie

  • Well worth the time and money.

    We hired Mr. Hansford to assist us with a juvenile traffic citation. He met with us and shared the pros and cons of the incident. Mr. Hansford met with the Judge on our behalf, we were able to accept a plan from the court and continue with our lives. We could have faced the Judge without an attorney but thought it was best to have Mr. Hansford represent my teenager. He is well worth the time and money.

    - Previous Client

  • Mr. Hansford put my mind at ease

    Mr. Brian Hansford advised me of my legal liability regarding a vehicular accident I was involved in. I was ticketed and summonsed to appear in court. The ticket stated I failed to obey a traffic signal resulting in an accident with another party. In reality, I had been distracted by a police operation (lane closure, three police cars with flashing lights, officers on the road arresting someone) that was occurring at this same intersection at the same time. I had been distracted by this and took my eyes off the traffic signal not noticing a light change. Mr. Hansford was successfully able to have the charge downgraded. I did not have to appear in court and I paid a very small fine with no points recorded against my license. Having the accident and a resulting ticket plus the impending court appearance caused me a great deal of anxiety and stress. Mr. Hansford put my mind at ease. He was a good listener, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. His legal assistant Erin was also great to deal with, highly efficient and very respectful. I am now VERY careful around intersections but I would not hesitate to use Mr. Hansford again should any future legal need arise. I am grateful for his counsel and would highly recommend him.

    - Sarah

  • Please call on Brian Hansford, you will NOT be disappointed.

    I would like to start off by saying Brian Hansford and his assistant Erin are amazing. Brian represented me and I could not have asked for a better outcome in my situation. They were always there to answer all my questions. If you ever need any legal help please call on Brian Hansford, you will NOT be disappointed.

    - Previous Client

  • Super responsive and great to work with

    Brian Hansford represented my 18-year-old son in a first offense reckless driving case. Brian was able to obtain a plea deal bringing the case from a 6-month suspension of his license and $1,000.00 fine to community service, a defensive driving course and a much-reduced fine of under $100.00. He and his assistant Erin were super responsive and great to work with. I hope never to need this type of legal help again, but if I do I would not hesitate to use Brian again to help.

    - Marianne

  • Beyond competent, knowledgeable and worth 10x his fee
    Atty Hansford was hired to defend my son who was facing serious felony drug charges and extradition back to another state for previous probation charges. Atty Hansford and his staff were readily available for anything and were always in constant contact with us. My son was looking at serving time in a state prison for a few years and facing the same in another state. My son was absolutely guilty for the charges he faced. Instead of going to prison, Atty Hansford was able to get him in a 1-year drug treatment program and probation. I would highly recommend Atty Hansford for representation in any legal defense you needed. He is beyond competent, knowledgeable and worth 10X his fee. His staff always went above and beyond to contact us and answer any questions we had. We can't thank them enough for representing my son.

    - John

  • Works for your best interest and gets results

    I have used Brian for several cases throughout my life. Brian and his staff are always available to answer your questions and keep you in the loop regarding your case. Well respected by judges and prosecutors. Whatever your situation he will work hard for you and always be honest. You might not like what you hear but Brian will not promise you something he cannot deliver on. What he will do is work for your best interest and he gets results. I have been in some scary situations and Brian has achieved results that both astonished and impressed me. I would not even think of using anyone else when it comes to my freedom and goodwill. Highly recommended!

    - David

  • Professional and maintained a line of communication throughout my case
    Brian was very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He was professional and maintained a line of communication throughout my case. I appreciated his attitude and approach. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney that will work hard for your best interest. Thanks so much!

    - Jason

  • Mr. Hansford is a valuable asset to have on your side

    Mr. Brian Hansford was hired to represent my 20-year-old son with a felony drug charge and misdemeanor charges of shoplifting and underage possession of alcohol. This particular case was more difficult due to the fact my son was having emotional issues that led him to act out in anger that was getting him in trouble with our family and law enforcement. Our family was becoming a battle zone, with no end in sight. Mr. Hansford’s approach was to help the whole family through a troubling time from a legal stand point as well as an emotional one. Brian first directed us to counselors that helped us understand the deeper issues that were triggering my son to lash out. That process alone gave the whole family direction and hope again for the future. We could see immediate results in my son’s behavior. In addition, Mr. Hansford negotiated sentences that were directed more at rehabilitating my son and not ruining his future. Mr. Hansford is a valuable asset to have on your side. I will continue to recommend him to anyone needing a good knowledgeable lawyer and particularly to families that are also struggling with teenagers in the home.

    - Doug

  • Always very professional and thorough

    I am so glad we hired Mr. Hansford to represent our family. He was always very professional and thorough providing feedback along the way and keeping us up-to-date all details of our case. His office personnel is also very courteous, helpful, responsive and best of all very professional. I would definitely hire Brian again for any legal representation.

    - Vicky

  • Immediate, thorough, thoughtful and very professional representation
    We were in need of finding an attorney from out of state. Our good fortune was to find Brian Allen Hansford to represent our grandson. We received immediate, thorough, thoughtful and very professional representation. We were not left in the blind for one moment throughout the process. Everything was thoroughly explained, followed up on in a very timely manner with a personal touch. His staff is superior.

    - Kathleen

  • I attribute the success to the outstanding service provided by Mr. Hansford

    After engaging Mr. Hansford in a legal matter, the professionalism, accessibility, service, reliability, and kind support demonstrated by Mr. Hansford and his team was so impressive I have referred Mr. Hansford to friends and colleagues. My legal matter resulted in a favorable outcome and I attribute that success to the outstanding service provided by Mr. Hansford.

    - Joe

  • Forever grateful for his help and success in our legal issues

    Brian handled several cases in the past few years. I had two children who suffer from addiction which landed them in some legal trouble. Brian was sensitive to the fact that this was heartbreaking to a mother and father, as well as informative and very professional. He kept us updated and very educated. I will be forever grateful for his help and success in our legal issues. I will always use Brian for any future legal concerns that may occur.

    - Chris I.

  • Brian is well-respected in the Alpharetta courts

    Brian met with us within 2 days of my daughter's DUI less safe charge. Having never even heard of DUI less safe, I was reassured to have him representing her. His staff kept us informed throughout the process and answered our questions. He gave us a realistic scenario of what the final outcome would be and we were so relieved that he delivered an even better conclusion to this nightmare. Brian is well-respected in the Alpharetta courts and we are certain his professional relationships with the people there were key in receiving the best outcome.

    - Previous Client

  • Earned his status as a top lawyer because of his warmhearted and amazing attitude in his field

    I have hired Mr. Hansford as my attorney for my legal case. Mr. Hansford and his legal team provide the highest quality and compassion during my legal process. Mr. Hansford and his legal team were well organized, professional, nurturing, and diligence. To be a Successful Lawyer is to have the knowledge and great clientele interaction. Mr. Hansford had earned his status as a top lawyer because of his warmhearted and amazing attitude in his field. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hansford and his team for any legal service. I wanted to send my gratitude to Mr. Hansford and his legal team for an exceptional job! Thank you, Mr. Brian, and to a new journey...

    - Previous Client

  • On point from the very beginning and kept me and my family in the loop
    I wanted to thank Mr. Hansford and his legal team for their professional help with my very major criminal case. He was on point from the very beginning and kept me and my family in the loop. Very experienced and firm attorney. I was never expecting the deal he got me from DA's office. He kept me out of jail and kept my record clean. Thank you, Mr, Hansford for changing my life around. I found an Angel in my life. He brought comfort and happiness back into our lives and into our heart. Whenever I called his office I always get answered. God bless you and thank you million times.

    - Previous Client

  • Attentive, understanding, and thorough in the research and execution of defense
    Brian and his team did excellent work on defending our son in a criminal case. They were attentive, understanding, and thorough in the research and execution of defense. They communicated with us and our son throughout the entire process and handled our delicate situation professionally and personally. We needed their guidance on our case and they truly helped us. We will always use Brian's firm for any legal needs we have. We truly believe God put Brian and his team in our lives when we needed help the most.

    - Previous Client

  • His team did better than I could have ever expected

    I had a BUI case in Hall County and Brian and his team did better than I could have ever expected. He found several problems and mistakes the officer had made that allowed us to get evidence suppressed. He also recommended an expert witness that found many additional problems with the testing the officer did. This gave us a great case and it was reduced to a lesser charge.

    - Bill