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The police arrested you, and the prosecutor charged you with a drug-related crime. Surprisingly, you're not alone. Statistically speaking, most people use (or at least try to use) a recreational drug at some point in life. Some who do this get caught. Others don't.

We won't kid you. Any drug-related arrest in the state of Georgia is serious, whether you're caught with pot in your car or you're busted trying to distribute narcotics. One conviction—even on a single charge for drug possession of marijuana—can have a devastating effect on your personal freedom and your future. Now is not the time to take risks.

What Makes A Drug Charge A Federal Offense?

Basic possession may be kept at the state level while offenses such as drug trafficking, manufacturing, or intent to distribute are more likely to be charged at a federal level. Any criminal acts that suggest that the individuals may be performing a severe criminal business and making substantial earnings will deal with federal charges.

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Make Sure You're Prepared with a Reliable Attorney

The state of Georgia has strict punishments for drug convictions related to:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Crack
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Oxycodone, Xanax, Lortab, and other illegally obtained prescription drugs

People who are convicted of narcotics-related crimes in Georgia are often subject to mandatory sentencing. This means lengthy prison sentences, fines, and the loss of other personal rights for any drug-related conviction.

Attorney Hansford believes you should have a chance to make things right after your arrest. Whether you go into an alternative treatment program or we aim to get the drug charges dismissed, we can work relentlessly to help minimize the impact a drug-related arrest has on your life. Sometimes, our drug crime lawyer in Alpharetta is even able to have the drug charges expunged from your criminal record.

We Have Handled the Most Severe Drug Charges

At Brian Hansford Law, our commitment to excellence means we pursue every available legal way of protecting your freedom. As your representative, we will examine the evidence and how investigators collected it. If your rights were violated in any way, we will find out about it.

We defend people who are accused of the following drug crimes in the state of Georgia:

  • Possession of an illegal substance
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Smuggling drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances across state or international lines
  • Growing, cultivating, or manufacturing illegal substances
  • Gun or firearm arrests related to drug crimes

Penalties for Drug Possession in Georgia

  • Possession with intent to distribute: a felony crime that may merit 1-30 years in prison and $100,000-$1,000,000 in fines.
  • Possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana: a misdemeanor crime that may merit up to a year in prison and/or up to $1,000 in fines.
  • Possession of more than 1 ounce of marijuana: a felony crime that may merit 1-10 years in prison and/or heavy fines.

Schedules of Drugs

Drugs are broken up into 'Schedules' and include the following:

  • Schedule I: the most dangerous of drugs, including ecstasy, mushrooms, heroin, etc.
  • Schedule II: drugs that may be used for medical purposes, requiring a prescription, including opium, Codeine, cocaine, etc.
  • Schedule III: includes steroid drugs.
  • Schedule IV: includes Xanax and Valium.
  • Schedule V: must be prescribed and are commonly abused.

In addition to our Cumming office, we have a new location in Roswell in the Gilbert House at 38 Sloan Street which is available by appointment.

If you're facing charges for a drug-related crime, please call our Alpharetta drug crime lawyer as soon as possible at (678) 647-6444. You can also fill out our simple contact form.

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Why Brian Hansford Law?

  • First Class Representation

    At Brian Hansford Law, you get a defense team that will give you their undivided attention to your case. We take the time to understand your situation and meticulously prepare your caseĀ in an effort to achieve the best possible result.

  • Former Prosecutor

    Having been a former prosecutor, Brian Hansford understands both sides of the criminal justice system. This experience helps him design an effective defense for his clients.

  • Fierce Trial Attorney

    Many attorneys are afraid to go to trial - NOT US! We aggressively prepare every case as if it will go to trial.

  • 20 Years of Experience

    There's no substitution for experience. With 20 years of practicing law, our team has handled all kinds of charges from misdemeanors to some of the most complex and serious crimes.

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